Restaurant Maier, Lake Constance

"Gutes vom See"

Good for the lake, good for the region

Restaurant Maier is one of the 14 representatives from the restaurant industry that belongs to the initiative "Gutes vom See". Together with other partners in agriculture, trade, and craft service, we have made it our mission to strengthen the Lake Constance region economically and thus preserve its unique character. "Gutes vom See" stands for animal welfare, environmentally-friendly farming, and a close cooperation among all members. Food with the "Gutes vom See" seal of approval is guaranteed to have been produced and processed within a 40 km radius of Lake Constance.

Cuisine that does not forget authentic Lake Constance tradition

Our restaurant has had a long culinary tradition on Lake Constance. 80 years ago, our hotel was an institution well-known for its traditional cuisine on the lake. Today, this important responsibility is continued by the third generation. What's important is that the old is combined with the new. For example, we offer Grandma Frieda's yeast croquettes, made according to a recipe that has remained unchanged for decades, as well as refreshing creations that have been inspired by culinary delights beyond our region.

Regional cuisine tastes the best

What is never missing from Swabian classics and authentic Lake Constance cuisine is the use of local supply sources for grain, fish, vegetables, and many other ingredients. It is no wonder that the motto of the "Gutes vom See" initiative is "enjoy Lake Constance with all the senses". "Better wines are made by the lake, hops grow nearby, and fish is freshly caught. Many guests look at our menu and want to know where the delicious cheese or mouth-watering wine comes from" says manager and cook Hendrik Fennel, and this gives regional focus to our cooking. Come and experience the tasty treats for yourself!

3 days exclusive travel - 99 euros!
05.11.2017 - 25.03.2018

• 2 overnight stays in a DR with breakfast

• free use of the sauna area

• guest card Friedrichshafen included


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Easter at Lake Constance
valid from March 23 until April 08, 2018

• 3 x overnight stays with breakfast

• 1 x refreshing welcome cocktail

• 1 x 4 course Easter menu and 2 x half board


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Tours on land and water
all-the-year (based on availability)

• 4 overnight stays in a DR with breakfast

• 2 x 1 ticket for the sauna world Meersburg

• 10 % discount for massages in the house


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Lake Constance Winter Experience
23.10.2017 - 26.03.2018

• 3 x overnight stay + breakfast

• Bodensee Destination Card WINTER

• 1 x bottle of Bodensee Secco

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Apple weeks
September 22 - Ocotber 14, 2018

• 2 overnight stays in a DR with breakfast

• 1 x 2 apple menus with 4 courses

• sweet apple farewell gift


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Zeppelin hour
March 9 - Mid of November 2018

• 2 overnight stays in a double room with breakfast

• 1 x 2 tickets for a zeppelin sightseeing flight

• 2 extraordinary dinner menus

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Star cycling tour on Lake Constance
April until October

• 5 overnight stays in a DR with breakfast

• 5 x 2 half board menus (3 courses)

• Insider tips for trips around Lake Constance


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Maier's Blue Monday
valid: all-the-year, arrival on Sundays

• 1x overnight stay + breakfast

• 1x sparkling welcome drink

• 1x 3-course menu with local products

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Happy Hours at Lake Constance
valid: all-season (subject to availability)

• 2 overnight stays with breakfast

• 2 x1 4-course menu with wine accompaniment

• 1 free ticket to the Zeppelin Museum pP


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Swiss Mountains & Swabian Sea
valid: all-season (subject to availability)

• 3, 4 or 7x overnight stays with halfboard

• 1 x 3-hours waterpark Therme Meersburg

• 20 % disount for massages inhouse

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Arch of Taste & Good Lake Food
valid: all year round

• 2 overnight stays in a DR with breakfast

• 1 x 2 menus "Gutes vom See"

• 1 x 2 menus "Arche des Geschmacks"


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