Restaurant Maier, Lake Constance


Wines from Lake Contance and the surroundings

Dear guests,

We also stand behind our philosophy when it comes to drinks and use superb products from the lake and the surroundings. Our small selection of sparkling and semi-sparkling wines is complemented by apple and pear specialties from Manufaktur Jörg Geiger. Our beers, juices, and spirits come mainly from the Lake Constance region.

We take a new and interesting approach when it comes to wines: along with "SeeWein" (lake wines) from Lake Constance and the surroundings, we offer "BergWein" (mountain wines) from the mountains and hillsides of the entire Alpine region and southern Germany. These wines are spontaneously fermented thus producing an absolutely individual and authentic flavor. We also offer wines from 2 other vineyards with a special connection to Friedrichshafen.

Wine selection

We offer one of the most exciting and best wine lists on Lake Constance. Along with our lake wines, we also offer spontaneously fermented mountain wines and wines from 2 vineyards with a special connection to Friedrichshafen.


Getränkekarte Restaurant Maier, Friedrichshafen



Lake wines

Lake Constance is not considered a "big" wine-growing region and therefore does not have any particular reputation among wine connoisseurs. Perhaps one of the reasons is that the "SeeWein" (lake wine) is somewhat of a diva: it does not come to you but gladly welcomes visitors; the vintners around the lake sell most of their wine at their own vineyards, or they sell them to be offered on wine lists at restaurants within 40 km. Also, the microclimate around the lake presents a challenge to vintners and grape growing. A high-altitude location and humidity make it difficult to produce wines with flavor and identity as well as typicality and terroir. We have devoted our wine selection to those dedicated vintners around the lake from three countries or nine "wine-growing states" whose wines rise above the average, i.e. wines that you can truly savor. This "savoring" of wines is somewhat of a fun regional tradition. Our main concern is those wines that present the lake and its exceptional diversity in an especially authentic style. In the first half of our wine list, you will find a well-though-out list of lake wines from prominent vintners as well as dedicated part-time wine growers, whose wines you won't find anywhere else. We will expose you to the fascinating diversity of wines from all shores of the lake. Because our lake is surrounded by mountains and hills in the back country, the second half of our wine list is dedicated to boldly individual wines from the steep slopes, hillsides, or terraces of the surrounding Alpine region and southern Germany.

Mountain wine

Vines that thrive on slopes and hillsides produce wines that taste "different". Not just the cultivation of grapevines but also the location is vital in characterizing style and quality. Here, vines must form deeper roots than on fertile plains. Therefore, these wines have a more intense taste and - because they are traditionally cultivated - a fascinating background character. The modern methods of wine production dominate the style and taste of wines making them commonplace and mundane. Therefore, we are interested in the traditional, "slow" maturation process in the cellar and the elaborate manual labor in the vineyards. Because machines are not used in the vineyards and the vines are not treated with conventional agricultural chemicals, the wines are not "cheap". In the cellar, our vintners do not use enzymes, synthetic yeast, or the usual procedures for fining and stabilization. As in earlier times, they undergo "spontaneous" fermentation by means of naturally existing wild yeast, and the finished wine is then left to ferment for quite some time. This results in a distinctively expressive and original wine. Thus, our wine list offers a deliberately limited selection. Many of our wines come from organically certified cultivation. They all have a much more complex taste than what their "fruity" smell might suggest; they are made from regionally rooted grape varieties, and we hope that they give you as much joy and pleasure with their self-assertive regionality as we had when selecting them. We chose them carefully to complement our cuisine, and we may change them as needed according to season and current food specials. We hope you enjoy your wine experience!

The Maier family

Vintners of our mountain wines

Lake Constance Gardens
valid: all year round

• 3 nights in a double room with served breakfast

• 1 x 2 vegetarian menus with seasonal dishes from the region “around the lake”

• BodenseeCard PLUS for 3 days

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Lake Constance intensive
valid: 04.04.2020 - 31.12.2020

• 4 overnight stays in a DZ with breakfast

• 1 x 2 three course menu in the evening

• Erlebniskarte valid for 3 days


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Round about Lake Constance
valid: 04.04.2020 - 31.12.2020

• 7 overnight stays in a DZ with served breakfast

• 2 x three course menu

• Erlebniskarte valid for 7 days



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World Heritage Site

• 3 night stays with served breakfast

• 1 “Ark of Taste” menu on a day of your choice p.p.

• BodenseeCard PLUS for 3 days including entrances


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Total Technology

• 3 night stays with served breakfast

• 1 3-course-menu in the evening on day of arrival p.p.

• BodenseeCard PLUS for 3 days


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Golf & Indulgence
valid: all year round

• 2 nights in a double room with served breakfast

• 1 x 2 “Ark of Taste” menus

• Green Fee discount at five selected clubs

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Lake Constance Baroque
all-the-year (based on availability)

• 3-night stay with served breakfast

• 3 * 3-course-menu in the evening

• Baroque Route guide & Upper Swabia magazine


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Arch of Taste & Good Lake Food
valid: all year round

• 2 overnight stays in a DR with served breakfast

• 1 x 2 menus "Gutes vom See"

• 1 x 2 menus "Arche des Geschmacks"


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Gourmet Advent on Lake Constance
27.11.2020 - 20.12.2020

• 2 overnight stays in a DR with served breakfast

• 1 x 2 goose menues with a variety of beverages

• 1 x 2 3-course-menu in the evening


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Tours on land and water
all-the-year (based on availability)

• 4 overnight stays in a DR with served breakfast and 3-course-menu in the evening

• 10 % discount for massages in the house (min. 1 hour)


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Maier's Blue Monday
valid: all-the-year, arrival on Sundays

• 1x overnight stay with served breakfast

• 1x sparkling welcome drink

• 1x 3-course menu with local products

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Happy Hours at Lake Constance
valid: all-season (subject to availability)

• 2 overnight stays with served breakfast

• 1 x 4-course menu with wine accompaniment, 1 x 3-course-menu

• 1 free ticket to the Zeppelin Museum pP


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Swiss Mountains & Swabian Sea
valid: all-season (subject to availability)

• 3, 4 or 7 x overnight stays with served breakfast and 3-course-menu in the evening

• 10 % discount for massages inhouse (1 hour or more)

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Weekend by the lake
bookable in the next 4 weeks

• 2 night stays with breakfast

• 1catamaran ticket from Friedrichshafen to Konstanz & back

• Welcome drink at the restaurant in the evening


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Lake Constance Winter Experience
valid: 01.11.2020 - 31.03.2021

• 3 x overnight stay incl. served breakfast

• BodenseeCard PLUS for 3 days

• 1 x bottle of Bodensee Secco

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3 days exclusive travel - 99 euros!
Valid: Winter time and calm days

• 2 overnight stays in a DR with breakfast

• free use of the sauna area (if open)

• guest card Friedrichshafen included


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New Year at Lake Constance
28.12.2020 - 03.01.2021

• 4 overnight stays in a DR with served breakfast and 3 x 3-course-menu in the evening

• 1 x 2 New Year's menu with 4 courses

• relaxed New Year's Eve atmosphere


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Valentine's Day
valid from 12.02.2021 to 15.02.2021

• 2 nights with served breakfast

• 1 x 4-course Valentine's Day set meal for 2 on an evening of your choice

• Admission to baths and sauna

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Spring weeks at Lake Constance
valid: 12.03.2021 until 30.05.2021

• 2 night stays inl. served breakfast

• visit to the flower island of Mainau

• comprehensive event brochure for the spring weeks by the lake


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Easter at Lake Constance
valid from 29.03.2021 until 11.04.2021

• 3 x overnight stays with served breakfast

• 1 x refreshing welcome cocktail

• 1 x 4 course Easter menu and 2 x 3-course menu

» more
Whitsun on Lake Constance
Valid: 22.05.2021 - 06.06.2021

• 3-night stay with breakfast

• 1 asparagus menu p.p., 2 3-course dinner

• 1 spring aperitif p.p.

• 1 ticket with boat to Mainau Island and back incl. entrance Mainau Island p.p.


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Rigoletto – Bregenz Festival
Valid: 22.07.2021 - 22.08.2021

• 2 overnight stays with served breakfast

• 2 admission tickets for the performance on the Seebühne (Lake Stage), category 3

• 2 tickets for boat and bus from Immenstaad to Bregenz

• 2 * 3-course lunch menus on the day of the performance

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