Lake Constance a hotspot for culture? Why yes! The Bregenz Festival, great exhibitions and museums, classical music festivals, top acts at open-air concerts and a squeaky-clean theater scene make the Lake Constance region the perfect stomping ground for culture aficionados.


Whenever one of the spectacular stage creations of the Bregenz Festival is presented, the world looks at Lake Constance and the region becomes the topic of Tagesschau, heute journal, New York Times & Co. The opera and musical performances on the lake stage are simply breathtaking.

In 2022, Giacomo Puccini's Madame Butterfly, one of today's most popular operas, will be performed on the lake stage for the first time.

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The modern museums in the Lake Constance region offer the opportunity to learn new things, understand connections and experience knowledge first-hand. In the Lake Dwelling Museum in Unteruhldingen, for example, you can immerse yourself in the archaeology of the underwater landscape in an elaborate film production before visiting the reconstructions of the Stone Age houses in the lake. In Friedrichshafen, you climb into the lounges and cabins of a Zeppelin replica in the Friedrichshafen Zeppelin Museum, as it connected Europe with America in the 1930s. The Dornier Museum near Friedrichshafen Airport is also dedicated to pioneering achievements in aviation technology. In Upper Swabia, open-air museums entice visitors outdoors, such as the Wolfegg Farmhouse Museum, the Kürnbach Museum Village near Bad Schussenried and the Federsee Museum in Bad Buchau on Stone Age life in the region.

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They are strung together like precious pearls on a necklace, the castles and palaces in Upper Swabia and on Lake Constance. In the past, this region resembled a political patchwork. Noblemen ruled over their small kingdoms and built residences. This is why there are so many castles and palaces in Upper Swabia. Today, they are open to visitors who can stroll through the buildings, view exhibitions, listen to concerts and even get married amidst the historic walls.

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Der Bodensee bietet ein Füllhorn kultureller Höhepunkte, ein paar davon stehen sogar auf der Liste des Weltkulturerbes der UNESCO. So etwa die Klosterinsel Reichenau und der nur 50 Kilometer entfernt gelegene Stiftsbezirk St.Gallen auf der Schweizer Seeseite. Beide gelten als Keimzellen der europäischen Klosterkultur. Auf der Reichenau zeugen noch drei kunsthistorisch hochrangige Kirchen von der einstigen Bedeutung des Inselklosters. In St.Gallen wird seit wenigen Jahren der von Hand auf Ziegenhaut gezeichnete Klosterplan aus dem 9. Jahrhundert im Original gezeigt. Für nur 20 Sekunden enthüllt ihn die Inszenierung mehrmals am Tag, um das empfindliche Dokument so wenig Licht wie möglich auszusetzen. Seit 2011 sind auch die Prähistorischen Pfahlbauten rund um die Alpen mit zahlreichen Fundstätten rund um den Bodensee in die Welterbeliste aufgenommen.

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Festively decorated, over 70 Christmas markets enchant the towns and cities around the lake during Advent. The largest Christmas market in the Lake Constance region takes place in Constance. It stretches from the harbor along the lakeside promenade into the historic old town. In Friedrichshafen, the lights of the Lake Constance Christmas with a cozy village of huts welcome visitors. In Lindau the traditional harbor Christmas takes place. It is not far from Hotel Maier to Tettnang. Here, Christmas stories in the fairy tale room and lantern walks create an Advent atmosphere.

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If you want to experience the unmistakable atmosphere of the Swabian-Alemannic carnival on Lake Constance, you should be there at a street carnival, for example on "schmotzige" or "gumpige" Thursday. On this day, the entire city of Constance, Radolfzell and Friedrichshafen literally turns upside down. Early in the morning, the first fools parade through the city with rattles and loud noises for the traditional wake-up call. Offices and many offices close as early as ten o'clock in the morning. In the afternoon, the streets of the old town fill up because everyone wants to be there when the "Hemdglonkers" arrive in the evening - in white nightgowns and nightcaps.

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