"It's so beautiful here, you have to keep saying 'Hach!' - otherwise you'll explode!" journalist Wolfgang Greber once wrote about the lake region. And we completely agree with him: it hardly gets any nicer than here.


But it's not just the eyes that indulge, there's also plenty of culinary delights to enjoy at the lake, from slow food and wine growing to the cultivation of hops and the brewing of the best beer.


Slow Food movement at Lake Constance

We are passionately involved in the Slow Food movement and are a proud member of the selected circle of the Slow Food Chef Alliance. We are in good company at Lake Constance, where there is a vibrant Slow Food scene. Several farmers at Lake Constance have succeeded in defying the trend towards monocultures. Distilleries and manufactories refine agricultural products through artisanal processing, Family-run guesthouses and young restaurants combine know-how with fresh culinary ideas. The Slow Food Convivium Bodensee has compiled a guide to these establishments. We are happy to make this available to our guests.



There is actually not even a Lake Constance wine region. And that is exactly what makes it so exciting. Because each of the four countries has its own traditions and emphases in viticulture and wine cultivation. There are also major climatic differences. And the sites range from vineyards near lakes, which benefit greatly from water reflection, to high-altitude areas, where poor soils and mineral rock are the source of very special aromas. It is this diversity that makes the wines of the region so exciting. They can be explored and explained again and again. In our Lake Constance wine map, we make this diversity accessible to you. Because we source the best and most exceptional wines from all regions and countries around the lake. 

The northern Lake Constance region is one of the most important hop-growing areas in Germany. And that has consequences. Hardly any other region has more large and small breweries in relation to its area than here. Among them are more and more companies that brew specialty beers from special hop varieties, slow brewing or organic beers. You can also find a part of this rich beer offer on our map. We would like to encourage you to try them out and taste them. If you would like to learn more about hop cultivation and the art of brewing beer, the "Hopfengut Tettnang" is a true beer sanctuary not far from us. Take a look: