When the Alps unfolded many millions of years ago, a deep depression was formed north of them. The meltwater from the mountains collected in this basin - Lake Constance was formed. It is one of the pre-Alpine lakes, which is why its water is extremely clear and low in nutrients.


Together with the nearby Alps, it forms a spectacular natural backdrop for the diverse life on the lake, where nature reserves preserve the unspoiled nature of the landscape, gardens and parks invite you to relax and the nearby mountains are waiting to be climbed.



The gardens and parks around Lake Constance are real places of longing. Sometimes they are hidden behind fences, other times they are open gardens that literally merge with the lake landscape. Under the umbrella of the "Lake Constance Gardens", many garden treasures of the region come together and invite visitors to explore them. Visitors go on a journey through time: From the Stone Age and the Middle Ages to the 19th century and the present day, you can experience the history of horticulture at first hand.

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Mountain vacation at Lake Constance? That's not at all far-fetched. Because from us it's a stone's throw to the most magnificent outposts of the Alps. The Pfänder, for example, rises directly behind the Austrian lakeside town of Bregenz. You can either climb its 1,064 meters on foot, or take the Pfänder cable car. The higher it climbs, the more magnificent the view! On the Swiss side, it's the Alpstein massif with the Säntis, which is not far away at all. In the middle of idyllic Appenzellerland, you can comfortably reach the summit with the Säntisbahn. Or you can make the ascent by foot. You don't need to pack any provisions. Because there are so many mountain guesthouses here than in hardly any other mountain region.