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Awards of the Speiserei im Maier

The value of culinary awards is, of course, debatable - especially about the correct classification of the various restaurant guides in the culinary context, personal demands and sensibilities, and situational needs. Nevertheless, the ratings - if critically scrutinized and adapted to one's own needs - provide a good orientation for a very good dining experience.

We are all the more pleased that the “Speiserei” has been awarded the title of best restaurant in Friedrichshafen in the combination as a gourmet and restaurant guide and has therefore long ceased to be an insider tip.

If you ask yourself the question: "Where can you eat well in Friedrichshafen and the surrounding area?" or "Which is the best restaurant in Friedrichshafen?" we can rightfully claim after the evaluation of the portal restaurant rankings: We are already among the best 15 restaurants in the Lake Constance district and thus also a real restaurant recommendation for Friedrichshafen or the hinterland.

We are currently rated 85-87 points in the Falstaff Restaurant Guide, awarded "Spoon" and "two cutlery" in the “Schlemmer Atlas”, mentioned as a "Startip" in the Varta Guide and in the Slow Food Pleasure Guide we are the only restaurant in Friedrichshafen to be mentioned for our sustainable commitment in the design of the food and beverage offer.

Memberships & Awards

"Weinsüden Hotel"

Already for the second time the state of Baden-Württemberg has awarded us as “WEINSÜDEN Hotel”. So the Hotel Maier is officially one of the best wine hotels on Lake Constance! What makes us so special? We take our guests on a wine journey through all three countries around Lake Constance. Download our certificate as a PDF or learn more in our blog article.

Restaurant Maier has been accepted into the Slow Food Chef Alliance Germany in 2019. Chef Alliance members are united by the conviction that cooking and true pleasure depend on the choice of food and its origin. In doing so, they take responsibility for the product, its sustainable processing and utilization - in line with the Slow Food movement. Learn more about Slow Food in our blog article.

"Speiserei im Maier" is one of 14 gastronomy representatives that belong to the initiative "Gutes vom See". Together with other partners from agriculture, trade and the food trade, we want to strengthen the Lake Constance region economically while preserving its unique character. "Gutes vom See" stands for species-appropriate animal husbandry, environmentally friendly cultivation and close cooperation between all members. Food with the "Gutes vom See" seal of quality is guaranteed to have been produced and processed within a radius of 40 kilometers around Lake Constance.

Together with the other "Schmeck den Süden" restaurateurs, we set standards for trustworthy regional enjoyment. Only dishes whose raw materials demonstrably come from Baden-Württemberg may be labeled as "Schmeck den Süden. Baden-Württemberg" dish. The use of regional ingredients is regularly monitored. At Hotel Restaurant Maier, we comply with the requirement of the regional menu "Schmeck den Süden" to the required extent.  More information about "Schmeck den Süden" you can get in our blog article or download our certificate as PDF.

The South Country Chefs stand for their regions and their typical Lake Constance cuisine - whether it is “Badische Flädlesuppe”, dishes of Hinterzartner veal, “Maultäschle” or a fine fish dish. The focus is on the ingredients of the dishes, which are almost always produced directly in the region and come from environmentally friendly agriculture. Our restaurant has been pursuing this concept for a long time, which is why we are an excellent match for the South Country Chefs. As a guest by the South Country Chefs, you will already learn on the menu where a large part of our ingredients come from. Fish, fruit, bread and wine take less than 10 kilometers to find their way to our kitchen.

“LandZunge” is an initiative that promotes the use of local products. In the meantime, almost 80 innkeepers and restaurateurs belong to “LandZunge”. Farmers, producers and other stakeholders are also increasingly joining this pact for good taste. The “LandZunge's” home region stretches from the Allgäu to Upper Swabia.

Since 2020, the “Speiserei” im Maier has been a provider of the “Bürgerkarte Bodensee-Oberschwaben” and thus supports regional associations and civic projects. The citizen card is a sustainable instrument for promoting fair interaction between business and the common good. The citizen card strengthens local trade and, by providing incentives for regional economic cycles, keeps money in the region. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved: citizens, sponsored projects, vendors, the cities and the region. Find out how you can get involved in our blog article and on the Citizen card website.

For us as a “ECHT nachhaltig” partner, appreciating food and preparing meals from fresh regional and seasonal ingredients is a matter of course.
We actively try to fight against food waste and accordingly conscientiously select our service providers and suppliers. 
By anchoring sustainability centrally in our business activities, we thus actively contribute to the long-term preservation of our region as a living space for locals and an intact vacation region for guests.