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Lake Constance wines and manuscript wines

Lake Constance is not considered a great wine-growing region and therefore did not enjoy a special reputation among wine connoisseurs for a long time. Altitude and humidity do not make it easy to produce wines with flavor and identity, typicity and terroir. We dedicate our wine concept to the committed winemakers in the four-country region of Lake Constance, or rather in the ten "wine countries", whose wines stand out from the average, which one otherwise "slurps" in the anonymous "Viertele."

Wine lovers take a wine journey around Lake Constance at the "Speiserei". No other restaurant in the region offers such an extensive and at the same time exquisite selection of Lake Constance wines. The special feature: The fine drops come from vintners from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. The international wine list includes not only wines from established and well-known wineries, but also from creative sideline vintners, most of whom sell their wines directly from the farm.

We are interested in wines that present the lake and its special diversity in a particularly authentic way. Set out from Fischbach on a wine journey around Lake Constance in a clockwise direction. It starts at the Bavarian Lake Constance, leads via Vorarlberg, Lichtenstein, along Switzerland through various cantons and ends in Immenstaad.

Beyond the world of Lake Constance wines, which are a very good choice for our gastronomic concept due to their geographical proximity and their climatic and historical diversity, we offer you a complementary selection that almost seems to come from a parallel world: the ManuscriptWines.

What is our point? With our selection, we do not want to just follow an image, a taste cliché or the idea of "value for money". Taste knows no grades, no rankings and no price comparisons. Rather, we are concerned with authentic craftsmanship away from dogmas and ideologies. We are not pedagogues, we have no missionary task. That's why not all our wines are "natural", "orange", or "organic" at any price, but we have compiled our assortment from a wide variety of makes and styles, that present wine today as diverse and dynamic as it is today.