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Your favorite places in the Speiserei

The "Speiserei im Maier" is divided into various guest rooms and parlors - all individually designed, yet with a distinctive design attitude that charmingly respects tradition, appreciates high-quality craftsmanship and celebrates architectural modernity and future orientation with the themes of the region.

A little rustic and yet very elegant, always down-to-earth and yet stylish - perhaps it is this individual mixture that makes the "Speiserei" an exceptional and cozy restaurant.

The cozy hunter's parlor

The unmistakable ambience of our restaurant naturally includes the cozy hunter´s parlor with its dark wood paneling, the culinary nucleus of the dining room. Only four small tables, but somewhat separated, one is close to the action and yet undisturbed. A few horns still bear witness to the Maier family's passion for hunting at the time.

The dining room

The dining room features high-quality Allgäu craftsmanship in the form of a hand-beaten spruce ceiling, and creaky oak floorboards adorn the floor. Also on site: our regulars' table and a table with our impressive range of spirits. Especially beautiful and lively - here you can experience pure inn.

The salon

The Salon is the most modern part of the classic restaurant area. Light oak parquet flooring, beautiful lighting situations created by elegant, golden shimmering glass lamps and velvety chairs from "Freifrau" from which you don't even want to get up. Divisible and separable into different room situations, the salon is ideal for small and large groups or events that want a little privacy.

The living room

Spend cozy evenings in a comfortable modern ambience in the new living room created in June 2023. Whether with a good glass of wine, with friends or family, a good selection of games and books - make yourself at home!

The living room is ideal for receptions of all kinds.


Cabinet and Garden hall

The Cabinet and Garden hall are true all-rounders: perfect acoustics for meetings and conferences, and at the same time so elegant and tasteful that you would love to hold your next family celebration or special party here. Both rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows. The Garden hall offers exclusive access to the outdoor patio terrace between the different parts of the building, while the Cabinets provide an exit to our beautiful native shade garden to the north.

The outdoor terrace

The outdoor terrace in the patio of the Hotel Maier offers space for a total of 60 guests. It is protected by three parts of the building and is therefore not fully exposed to the sun, especially in the sunny season. Urban feeling in the country hotel with design character.

Interspersed with various plant elements with natural planting create beds of Corten steel a wonderful zoning. The small lounge, which seats about 16 people, rises two steps above the terrace and, thanks to the water-bound flooring, creates a bit of a castle atmosphere when verbena and lilac sway loosely in the breeze in summer. ... With bar tables, small receptions can be wonderfully staged out here! And sometimes you can catch a glimpse of the kitchen staff when they are preparing for the next service in the herb garden…